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Montreal Art Center & Museum

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Our Community

The Montréal Art Center and Museum supports local arts and culture by annualy providing over 45 resident artists with a 1-week-long solo exhibition. Additionally, the public is invited to attend exhibition opening events free of charge. 

The Montréal Art Center and Museum is also involved in a number of collaborative progects with other non-profit organizations to provide the space for community events and fundraisers.

Coming soon:

Our management team is tirelessly working on organizing a new "Give and Artist a Home" scholarship program where the funds raised will be allocated towards providing talented local artists with the access to a studio space for a designated period of time where they can work and exhibit their art. 

At the Museum

Museum Tours


Life Drawing Sessions

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Bachelorette Parties


Our Events


Antiques Boutique


Le Canal Cafe

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5 à 7 At a Historic Montréal Art Center&Museum Bar 

Discover the Greatest "5 à 7" in Griffintown while supporting Montreal Artists!


The Montreal Art Center and Museum is inviting you to the John McDougall Bar and Lounge every Friday night.


Take a step back to the 19th Century and enjoy a wide variety of drinks at one of the most historic and authentic places in town!


Every Friday, all "5 à 7" attendees will be eligible for Member-only prices between 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.