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Ceramics Club

Image by Courtney Cook

Welcome to Ceramics Club!

Ceramics Club offers a dedicated space for experienced potters looking to explore and enhance their skills in ceramics. Within our community, you'll discover a stimulating environment fostering collaboration, learning, and the sharing of expertise among passionate ceramic enthusiasts.

Membership at Ceramics Club provides comprehensive access to our fully-equipped ceramics studio, complete with tools, materials, and the opportunity to engage in exclusive events and specialized workshops.

What's included in your membership?

  • 12 hours of studio time on the ceramic wheel.

  • Sessions are limited to a maximum of 3 hours each and must be scheduled in advance through our online booking platform. Clean-up time is included.

  • Access to facilities, including the wedging table and painting area.

  • Utilization of ceramic tools and utensils available in the ceramics section.

  • Discounted rates for pottery parties, perfect for birthdays, reunions, or any occasion to enjoy pottery together.

* Additional Information:

  • Two firings are conducted per month (bisque and glaze), approximately every two weeks per Pottery Clay Hold (PCH). Extra charges apply for additional firings.

  • Additional charges may apply if extra burners are required (subject to conditions).

  • Glazes are not provided by the center; each member is responsible for their own supply.

Image by Taylor Heery
Carving Pottery

Membership Options:

  • Monthly Membership: $120 per month (no long-term contract required).

  • Annual Membership: $1200 per year (paid in full, granting one year of access). With this option, you save $240 per year compared to the monthly membership.

Join us at Ceramics Club and immerse yourself in the world of pottery!

Pottery Items

  • 3 h

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