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Northern Lights 2022 At The Montreal Art Center and Museum

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Get ready, because this November high fashion is coming to Montreal! Anthony Holland, an exquisite fashion designer from Atlanta, Georgia, will showcase his Montreal-inspired women’s clothing collection at the Montreal Art Center and Museum.

Since a very young age, Anthony has loved fashion. As a child, Anthony remembers “ I would watch some of the old movie musicals with wide-eyed fascination at the beautiful clothes”. Looking back some 40+ years ago, Anthony began his career in Theatrical Costuming, when he worked with several community theaters as an independent contractor. Later, in 2010, Anthony also worked on a television series in the Atlanta area. However, the cameras did not fulfill his aspirations and passion.

So, upon the completion of the TV series project, Tony decided it was time to showcase his talents to the local community in a more tangible and accessible way. After having worked with a number of individual clients for many years, he soon hosted his first Atlanta Fall Fashion show in 2013. The show Blue Motion Explosion not only dazzled Atlanta with Anthony’s latest creations but also raised awareness of prostate cancer and its increasing number of diagnoses in younger men. The success of that first show spawned another the following fall, as well as many other works within the Atlanta Fashion Community.

Later, after deciding to take a sabbatical from fashion work, Anthony decided to spend some time in Montreal. Inspired by Canadian culture, Anthony created a small collection “Northern Lights 2022” in his homage to the country of Canada and its people. “I hope that the rich textures and deep colors found in this small sampling will speak to the beauty that I’ve found in my everyday life here. From the welcomed, and far too short spring and summer burst of color to the cool and crisp dark winter evenings; complete with holiday lights, and cool mist hanging over frozen waters here in Quebec.

My time here has been special and I wanted to share that feeling in the way that I know best: through the language of fashion.” - Anthony Holland.

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